Wedding Day Emergencies

Having a large group of people gather together will always lead to some sort of emergency, whether small or large, to happen at least once throughout the day. While we can hope, wish and even pray that nothing big will go wrong on your wedding day, we can never truly know what is going to happen. With every event I coordinate I like to hope for the best but plan (and be prepared) for the worst.

Weddings specifically are made up of many moving parts, whether that’s your handful of vendors or family and friends who are coming together for the first time in perhaps years. If you’re wondering what the common wedding day mishaps are, here are 4 common wedding day emergencies and how to handle them with grace.

Mother Nature decides to dramatically change
Even if you study the weather very closely leading up to your special day, you may find yourself witnessing an unexpected rain or snowstorm, or a cold front, on your wedding day. During the selection process of venues, inquire about what kind of accommodations they can help you with last minute weather changes, especially if you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception. On the day of if any sudden weather changes be sure to alert guests, via social media or your wedding website with updates.

An important person in the wedding party or vendor cannot be located 
Maybe you can’t find the best man anywhere or the caterer is already an hour late and you can’t get a hold of them. The best thing to do is stay calm, delegate the task of locating the missing person to your bridal party or your wedding coordinator should already be on top of that.

You or the Groom Wake Up With a Cold
If you find yourself waking up on your wedding day feeling a bit under the weather, take action right away by reaching out to your doctor as soon as possible. Try drinking tea with lemon and honey or head over to the local pharmacy to pick up medicine that fits your symptoms.

A family fight happens
There might be some family drama at your wedding. While you hope to never witness a full-on brawl, when blending families there will typically be at least one disagreement. If one should occur, ask someone else, like your wedding coordinator to chat, with those family members and either ask them to leave the wedding or to separate themselves from the person who they are fighting with. Again remember, the best thing to do is stay calm and enjoy your wedding day.

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