Important Wedding Day Details


Are you in the stage of wedding planning where you have your vendors selected but want to make it more unique? Every wedding is personal. At least it should be. You may have a friend that wants a DIY-inspired card box for guests to place their cards during the reception or have a shadow box displayed for love notes from friends and family. You may want to have gift bags ready for each guest as they arrive to their hotel room. The marketing efforts of the wedding industry and social media tell you that you need everything on a grand scale. All of these ideas may not interest you. That is okay! The ideas and personal touches you can have are endless. With that in mind you may be pondering, “What are the little wedding details that proved to be worthwhile?” or “Which ones are actually useful or meaningful or day-saving?”

While it might be nice to pretend that the detail don’t matter… they do. They matter to your guests and how they get to enjoy your wedding day, they will matter to you as you look back through pictures in 5-10 years and those details restore memories you may have forgotten. They matter to your vendors and streamlining your timeline and making sure items are placed where they are meant to be then they need to be there. Do you see where I am going with this ramble? Details matter for different reasons.

Some details like table numbers and escort cards are functionally necessary for keeping your wedding organized (something your coordinator will adore) and your guests taken care of. Other details will be more meaningful, a grandmothers broach on your bouquet, and others are just there to sit and look pretty, ornamental floral arrangements.

Just because something serves a functional purpose at your wedding doesn’t mean you have an obligation to make it pretty or meaningful. It might be helpful to have a place to put cards so that you don’t end up losing them or having to collect them from tables at the end of the night. But do you need the world’s most unique card box at your wedding? Negative, a simple basket will do the job or guests can put their cards on the able next to the other presents. Table numbers can just be numbers, and signage can be simple.

If you’re still not sure what to do, take a moment to ask yourself: what actually matters to you? Then invest your time in those things and put a minimal amount of effort into the rest. Just make sure that you don’t forgo the details that, you know, tell people where to go. Because that stuff is legitimately important.

Meg with A Practical Wedding said it best, “Focus on making your wedding feel aesthetically honest (because there is a lot of aesthetic bullshit out there, and a lot of people trying to tell you that Classic Wedding Aesthetic is the only way it can be done). Focus on making it *feel* like you and your partner. And once you get to that place, realize that everything else is extra.


Happy planning!



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