Preserve a Wedding Bouquet

Happy Monday! Are you considering to preserve your wedding bouquet? Do you have an idea of what it takes to accomplish this?
How do you do it? Here are a few suggestions, some of which cost next to nothing:
-Pressed the flowers from your bouquet in between the pages of a few large books and let them dry like that for a month or so, then frame them (similar to the image below) to hang around your home.
-Have your photographer take close up pictures of your wedding flowers. Have the pictures printed in large format (12×14) and put them in frames to hang in your living room. This is a nice idea because it shows the actual beauty of the flowers on that day without looking too ‘wedding-y’ in your house.
-Companies like, Preserve Your Flowers, LLC, will freeze dry your bouquet then you choose how to have them displayed whether it be pressed, shadowbox, or unique jewelry pieces. The time it takes and the cost will vary.
Is it worth it (or do you think you may regret not preserving it)?
I believe that solely depends on you and your personal preferences. I did not save my bouquet and do not regret it. With that in mind, I may have enjoyed having pictures like the idea listed above. I am a sucker for interest art pieces though. There are so many ways to keep little mementos from your special day, if flower preservation is not on the top of your list, don’t sweat it. Find a fun, personal way to remember special moments from your day.

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