Generation Tux pt 2

few weeks ago a friend and I were discussing formal wear. Her son is in high school and last minute decided he wanted to go to prom. She was complaining that they’d have to get themselves to the suit rental place soon if they were going to get him a tux in time. We live in a small town so the options are limited. Being a social event planner, I am always ready to provide referrals, I offered up the idea that maybe a trip to the suit store wasn’t necessary. They could just do it online with this amazing new company I’ve been working with recently called Generation Tux. (To save 20%on the entire wedding party use my unique promo code ALC)

Naturally her concern was getting measurements wrong or the tux not arriving on time. That’s the moment I realized that I had been talking about it all wrong. Because shopping for suits and tuxes online isn’t just about convenience (thought that is nice). With Generation Tux, it’s also about having a better experience, getting a better fit, and finding a more modern style than what you can find in most traditional suit or tux shops. All for less than $150, another big win!. Here’s how:


The service team and stylists at Generation Tux know that looking good in a suit is all about how it fits. For more assistance on that, check out their suiting tips here. Which is why they go above and beyond to make sure your suit or tux fits like a glove. Not only do they send you a you a suit that’s tailored to your exact measurements (with video tutorials on how to get an accurate measurement), but they go above and beyond in a bunch of ways to make sure you get exactly what you need, like:

  • Flexible Fit: While Generation Tux prides themselves on their tailoring skills, they also know that sometimes stuff happens. Which is why all of their pants and shirts are equipped with flexible fit. All of their pants have a hidden elastic in the waistband providing up to two inches of forgiveness. And their shirt necks include an elastic tab at the collar that provides up to one inch of forgiveness.

  • Concierge Service: Generation Tux has a team of highly trained, technically savvy stylists on call, so if you encounter any fit issues once you receive your rental, you can contact them with a picture of yourself in your outfit, and they’ll figure out exactly what’s wrong. Should you need a minor adjustment to a coat sleeve or pant length, they can either send you a replacement garment with an adjusted length for free, or they can dispatch a mobile tailor, from their sister company zTailors, to perform the adjustment in a few minutes at your house, again, for free. And of course every Generation Tux suit or tux is guaranteed to arrive at least seven days before your wedding, ensuring that you have plenty of time to actually, you know, get all the fit concerns taken care of.


Coordinating a wedding party can be a pain in the butt, especially if you did not choose it as a profession. Not least of all because there’s always someone who didn’t get the email or text message that there’s a cutoff date for placing their order. However, this is where Generation Tux’s event management platform helps manage your group for you, individually tracking each member of your party from measurement and payment to delivery and return. Go ahead and check that off your “to do” list!


Generation Tux was founded by George Zimmer, who has been helping men suit up for over 40 years. Which means that they are the best of both world’s. Their startup status means that Generation Tux’s garments are all basically brand new, with styles ranging from classic to modern. Their long history in the suit and tux business means that they understand quality. All of their suits and tuxes are made of high quality materials such as wool, cotton, silk, and leather.


Rest assured that you won’t feel pressured to up-sell with Generation Tux, just easy flat pricing. Do you prefer just the suit or tuxedo? No problem. That’ll only set you back $129. Or a complete outfit including shirt, tie, shoes, and vest is just $199 all-in.

Consider this, when I went suit shopping with my husband for our wedding, most of the shoes we looked at cost that much alone.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to outfit your wedding party, head to Generation Tux. And if you’re looking for a high quality suit rental for yourself or your partner? Head to Generation Tux. Don’t forget to use my unique promo code ALC to save 20% on your entire wedding party plus the grooms rental is free.

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