Essential Oils for Bridesmaids

Bridal party this post is for you! the best way to support your best friend on her special day is to provide an uplifting atmosphere, full of calming and joyful moments. I encourage you to get to know essential oils to successfully pull this off! The bride-to-be (and anyone else in the bridal suite) will thank you.

How to Use Essential Oils for the Wedding Day
Aromatically. Use essential oils simply to scent and create a positive environment. Pleasant fragrances are stimulating, physically and emotionally.

Topically. Use essential oils for touch therapy. Blend with fractionated coconut oil, or Young Living’s V6 oil blend to create an amazing, therapeutic massage oil.

In the bath. Add a few drops to the bath to relax and create a romantic atmosphere. Some good choices include rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender, and wild orange.

If an oil is unappealing to you or someone within the wedding party, don’t use it. Follow your nose. Here are my suggestions for an oily bridal survival kit:

Stress Away: Calms rehearsal dinner nerves

Lemon: Add to your water as a pick-me-up

Peppermint: Settle stomach butterflies and nausea

Citrus Fresh: rub on the bottom of your feet for an energy boost

PanAway: Soothe aching muscles from those high heels

Digize: to help calm any tummy troubles

Lavender: Diffuse for a calming and relaxing atmosphere before your wedding day

Deep Relief: to rub on your temples and neck to help relieve any tension

Bergamot: diffuse in room while your getting ready to promote a cheerful and calm atmosphere

Valor: Confidence for your wedding day

Ylang Ylang: for the honeymoon

Frankincense: Get glowing skin when added to facial cream and helps with skin irritation

Joy: Any extra boosts of joyous feelings never hurts


Of course in addition to these essential oils, make sure you, the other bridal party members, and the bride are eating healthy, sleeping enough, exercising, etc. to help keep your body and wellness in top notch condition!

Interested in any of these products? Want to grab all of the items listed above? I can get you the hook up! Check out how to order here:

Here’s what I’d suggest in order to get the best bang for your buck:

1. Create a wholesale account with a Premium starter kit, which is $160 and comes with:

2 bottles of foaming hand soap
2 bottles of hand purifier
2 bottles of household cleaner
5 ml bottle of Stress Away oil blend
15ml bottle of Thieves oil blend
Thieves Aromabright toothpaste
2 bottles of Thieves spray

2. Join essential rewards and add on:

Ylang Ylang
Deep Relief
These items cost around $175.

3. Your total will be around $340, which means you’ll also get Inner Defense and Thieves vitality for free as part of the September promo! (Plus free oregano vitality, Peace & Calming, and Cool Azul)


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