Construction Birthday

With all of the BIG equipment, many busy men-at-work, the noise, and yes – sometimes even the smell – nothing could compete with a fascination a young child has to see construction crews at work! Around our area there are several locations that are under construction, each and every one of them grabs the attention of my little man as we drive by. These drives have taught me a LOT about what the different trucks are named. I wanted to pull this inspiration in to create a birthday party fit for your little project manager.

During my construction party research, I came across so many unique ideas for construction party food ideas. Most of these ideas are incredibly easy to put together and they are all ideas that kids would love. Naturally, the party color scheme was primarily black and yellow, with some orange and brown accents.

Grab your hard hat and keep scrolling for this party idea’s blue prints!

Food and Drink

How amazing are these traffic cone cups on Amazon?!

Poppy Events

Custom Mae’d

Moms and Munchkins

Fab Everyday

Pin the Nail on the Hammer – Gav + Ro
“Drawing Table” – Spaceships and Laser Beams

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