Pumpkin Party

Want to throw a Fall-themed Birthday Party or Autumn Celebration for your favorite “Little Pumpkin”? Whether you’re throwing a Halloween bash, a pumpkin party or you need some games for your pumpkins birthday party, this collection of pumpkin-filled ideas that will offer something fun for everyone.

Here’s your go-to guide for everything to celebrate all things pumpkin!

Choose a Carving/Decorating Location

If weather permits, consider having a daytime party outside on a picnic table, where it won’t matter as much if you make a mess. Our party this year will be at Cub Creek Park. If you are including carving as part of the decorating festivities, keep sharp instruments safely organized in buckets and on trays on the picnic table.

Regardless if the party is inside or outdoors, keep clean up easy by covering your table (or tables) with newspaper or craft paper. If inside, you may want to also protect the floor, as spilled pumpkin flesh and seeds can be slippery.


Give a hint to all the silly party fun to come with easy-to-make pumpkin invites made from cardstock. You can look on Pinterest for several free options, this is the invitation I chose for our party from Simply Real Moms.

Simply Real Moms


For an inexpensive yet clever table, use steel garbage cans as legs for a plywood tabletop covered with rickrack-trimmed burlap. Use the generous space to spread out snacks, treats, and party favors. A dish drainer makes a handy holder for plates.

Catch My Party
Room Mom Extraordinaire


Pumpkin Toss Game
Ready, set, toss! This pumpkin toss game is sure to score big with party guests.


Pumpkin Noisemakers
What would a celebration be without the merry clatter of noisemakers? For a great party favor, kids can easily create these personalized pumpkin-face shakers.


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