The Black Tux for Guests

I know you’re heading to at least one wedding, engagement party, or holiday party this winter – between gifts, travel accommodations, and the outfit, there are a lot of expenses involved. Going to more than one special event? Whew! Don’t get me wrong – I celebrating and being social, in case you couldn’t tell :). But it doesn’t take long to learn they can break the bank.

Renting a dress or a tux can ease the expensive and make the whole process of finding what to wear easier! The Black Tux offers suit and tuxedo rentals – that hardly feel like it. (Use my vendor code ALC to save on your tux!)


These suits are slick. Whether you’re looking for classic or modern, they have the best to offer in the highest quality. They guarantee the perfect fit with both Modern-Slim or Classic options available. The rentals start at $95, which is ideal for the guy who isn’t trying to spend hundreds of dollars on a store bought tux. But it still looks like it!

Don’t need a full outfit? You can order just a shirtneckwear, or shoes too – whatever piece you’re missing!

Not only is The Black Tux great for guests, but it’s the perfect fit for the groom and his groomsmen as well! (Use my vendor code ALC to save $20 off the grooms tux!) They can outfit your entire wedding party. Rent groom’s and groomsmen’s suits online and get them delivered with free shipping – yes free shipping – both ways!


The suits come perfectly packaged and pressed so you can slip right in without a worry and look your best. If there are any issues, you can reach The Black Tux Client Support  team 7 days a week. So many reasons to suit up!

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