2018 Wedding Trends

Happy Monday! Happy New Year!

At the beginning of every year, I am eager to find out the most popular wedding trends that are happening in real life. Are you recently engaged and ecstatic about beginning the plans for your special day? This post is dedicated to the breathtaking trends gracing the wedding scene for 2018. Don’t be shocked when you realize that it is more about who the couples guests are and what they mean to them versus inviting every single person they have ever met.


Deer Pearl Flowers

Where a decadent floral arch once stood in the wedding world, now stands the Ceremony Wreath. While it is not that big of difference, the final impact is quite noticable. Ceremony wreaths for the most part are a complete circle of foliage, florals, branches, and/or fairy lights, either elevated a little off of the ground, or appearing to sit on the ground. Similar to the traditional archway, they provide a stunning backdrop for your vow making and can relatively easily be transported to a second location as part of the reception decor, too.

Something Turqouise

Copper  is a beginning to replace the typical silver or gold decor and silverware.


Navy is the “new black.” As an alternative to traditional black, brides and grooms are opting for dark shades of blue as a neutral shade in their wedding color palette.

Green Wedding Shoes

Enhance your guests’ experience by including various textures for them to interact with. Different textures and elements, such as wax seals on menus, assorted linens on each table, and even three different tabletops for the reception tables are some of the new ideas popping up this year.

Oh Best Day Ever

Move to the side “rustic,” it’s all about the “woodsy” look. This year brides will start steering away from the barn look to a more “woodsy” look according to Taylor Green of Taylor Elise Events in St. Louis, Missouri. This includes a lot more greenery in the florals and green as the wedding’s main color. This also means brides will move away from burlap to introduce more wooden details in areas like the invitation, table numbers, seating cards, tags, chargers, signage, chairs and tables.

Wedding Party Attire

The Black Tux

Have you noticed a boom in velvet? I have it is everywhere, including among the wedding party. Velvet is looking to be the must have fabric for a winter wedding. Bridesmaid attire also doesn’t actually have to be a dress anymore. Bridesmaids rocking pants will be the trending look for 2018.

Southbound Bride

For groomsmen, burgundy is becoming the new blue. While it doesn’t look like the blue suit is going away completely just yet, expect to see more burgundy suits at weddings in 2018. As wedding colors are moving in a deeper direction, this hue will certainly fit right in. Just take a peek, burgundy does look great on many men, so it’s a win-win in my book.


Wildest Dreams Bridal

Princess capes are simply adorable; skip the train or veil and top your wedding dress off with a perfectly chic cape.

Martha Stewart Weddings

From bouffant to slinky and lacy, detached sleeves create the look of an off-the-shoulder dress while actually being a strapless dress.


Calling all Audrey Hepburn enthusiasts! The latest wedding-dress length trend feels pulled straight out of a 1950’s screen goddess’s wardrobe: Mid-length gowns. This sweet trend has a whimsically vintage vibe for the bride-to-be looking for fashion but yearning for a classic look.

Mon Cheri Bridals

The blush trend for the wedding color palette is getting a new take with bridal gowns coming in varying shades of pink and nude. This romantic wedding-dress trend doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon, this year brides want to do away with the traditional white wedding dress altogether. The color is light enough where it’s not too bold, but it’s still a fun hint of color perfect for any wedding dress style.


DIY Projects

Wedding Guest Photo Booths have become increasingly popular over the years, and don’t expect them to disappear for 2018. They’re a fun, simple way to make your wedding reception even more interactive for your guests. Plus, the pictures also make for a great wedding day keepsake. You can make a backdrop yourself, or check out The Little Blue Photo Bus if you are local to North Carolina, they are my favorite photo booth vendor!


Mon Cheri Bridals

It’s no secret that wedding floral arrangements are one of the most beautiful components of any wedding. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own twist to them by hanging floral arrangements in various places. Brides are choosing hanging floral arrangements to decorate their reception venue from the ceiling down to the dance floor.


Philly in Love

Donut Tower Wedding Cake … need I say more?! Let’s be honest, not everyone likes wedding cake. And if you’re a bride and groom who wish to do without a cake, you can go for a fun, delicious donut tower instead. You can achieve the same wedding cake tier look by having dozens of delicious stacked donuts for your guests instead.


A DIY Drink Bar is another fun way to make your reception interactive for your guests. While you can absolutely continue to have an open stocked bar, an additional DIY drink bar adds a personalized way for wedding guests to create your favorite drink. Plus, you can even make it tailored to the kids at your wedding so they feel that they have their own fun bar to visit, too.


Couples are finding new ways to entertain guests. Have you noticed that quite a few 2018 wedding trends have been about creating an incredible experience for guests of all ages. Couples have become incorporating interactive elements into their wedding to entertain their guests with creative food ideas, music, and photo booths. How do you plan to entertain your guests in 2018?

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