I’ve enjoyed the twists and turns of every wedding I’ve been blessed to be a part of. Here’s what brides from the past have to say about working with me. See more kind words on Wedding Wire.

“Worth every penny!! I am so glad we chose A Lark Creation for day of coordination – we had homemade centerpieces, favors, and floral arrangements. They set up everything perfectly and made it look better than I could have imagined! Dana made the day run so smoothly – I felt completely relaxed as the bride and she handled everything with professionalism and an air of calmness. It was great to feel that someone else was taking care of the logistics of the wedding day and I could just enjoy the event rather than manage it. Highly recommend!!!”

~Lauren+Eric (April 2016)

“Amazing!!!!!! DANA IS GREAT! !! Dana was by far the best money spent on the wedding and the best decision made other than my new handsome hubby. She was professional, realistic, and able to keep me calm during stressful times which are certain to arise. She was sweet and was able to keep vendors, and family in check. She was always there when needed, the came up with solutions to problems that I hadn’t even thought about yet. I can’t express enough how wonderful she was. Any bride who choose another event planner would be doing their self a disservice. I found her through her blog by complete accident. I had my wedding planning 80% complete at the time. I wish I would have found her sooner, and I would have a couple better decisions.”

~Catherine+Jeff (November 2015)

“As a wedding planner, Dana holds many redeeming qualities that I know contributed to my overall comfort on the day of, and also how awesome everything turned out. She has the remarkable ability to get you everything you need – and want. She didn’t make me feel stupid that I had no idea how to plan a wedding, or what the heck I needed to get it done. I don’t know what I would have done without her! Not too mention, that she went above and beyond what I had asked, or expected, to make sure that my wedding day was gorgeous, elegant, and perfect for me and husband. She helped me with pretty much everything – all the little things you don’t even think about – tablecloths and silverware and lighting and she helped with big things like theme, my colors, flowers, and gifts for guests. She helped during the ceremony and made sure everyone was in their place and she helped during the reception. She was able to help me, and also help keep the wedding rolling. She is patient and smart and more importantly for a bride, she has a knack for this. You will not regret hiring Dana!”

~Keely+Joe (February 2012)