Sunflower Wedding

Today I’ll share some wonderful ideas with you, all about the lovely sunflower. Sunflowers are favorable among brides with their sunny and cheerful yellow petals. Though they are mostly used in a rustic wedding, sunflowers are a suitably match with other flowers and greenery which makes them good for other nature-inspired weddings. Enjoy!

Pizza Bar

Let's face it other than an amazing dress and blissful bride and groom, there are just a few things that make a wedding truly exceptional. And it is no surprise that at the tip-top of the list is food and drinks! Pizza isn't something I immediately think of when you think of wedding food, at least not until my … Continue reading Pizza Bar

Roaring River Vineyards

The Lodgings and The Gathering Place at Roaring River Vineyards have been open for business for some time now. As you pass through the ivy covered stone entrance the vineyards slowly come into view and rustic wooden signs direct you to “The Lodgings” (vacation rentals) and “The Gathering Place” (indoor/outdoor event venue).  The Gathering Place is an … Continue reading Roaring River Vineyards